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About us

This idea started when we were still a bunch of students in our final year. It followed through with an incubation at -Pulse and further prototyping in our lab.

Our Mission

Deep down, we are a team of fun kids with some innovative ideas. We’ve been working together for almost two years now. Our motivation is to push the limits of new experiences and see how we could possibily forge the future with it.

left to right – Stéphane, Anuraag & Isaac

Stéphane Oliveira

Software | Techie

Stéphane is a man of many passions, not least designing and coding computer systems. He is our hardcore software and firmware geek. He manages all our firmware needs and designs our flight controllers.

Anuraag Pothula

Embedded Systems | Creative

Anuraag is the composed element that brings stasis to the team. He has a solid technical background but also dabbles in business matters. And as the resident artist he is also in charge of the creative/visual aspects.

Isaac Stern

Electronics | Visionary

Isaac is the electronics engineer and instigator of crazy ideas. Always dreaming of how to push the user experience to the edge of what is technically possible.

UserUnknown was born in


FlyQ, UserUnknown’s first product is a simple open air « console » that makes outdoor actitvites so much more captivating and immersive.

The idea of hitting a floating ball to light it up and make it react accordingly is the next step in physically augmenting reality. The fully programmable behaviour grants FlyQ the ability to follow trajectories that would be impossible for a normal ball.

Now that you have the means, anything is possible, be it magical sports inspired by Harry Potter, Tron-like battles involving a flying ball, dodge drone and so on…


We are working hard to get our prototype ready fot beta testing.

Once ready, we would like to invite you to test it out!

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From this initial outdoor gaming console, countless games, with multiple flying balls and more players will be possible.

This gamification of the outdoors keeps the best part of the digital world with the health benefits of the physical activities.

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